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thairedhost is an Internet service provider: registry of names of dominion, lodging Web and connectivity, design and development of websites, systems, applications, in addition to other services of Internet of high added value.

Trade name
Comercial name: ServerPE
RUC: 10431031855
Supporting: It invoices to Electronics - Ticket of Sale

+3500 Registered Dominions
+2000 Lodged Websites
+1500 Clients

What We do

Quality, price and attention to the client our basic concepts

Quality. To offer lodging plans Web of high benefits always is important in the medium and long term to avoid the nonevolution of the project Web.
Price. The relation quality/price always must be ligature in its measured joust, for that reason we have been able to offer quality at a low price.
Attention to the client. As important as the others it is to have a good technical support prepared to take care of to you at any time of the day and as soon as possible to respond any consultation, problem or suggestion to you.

Technical support: High priority!

We understand that our clients deserve a service of person to person, without delays and with the possibility of speaking with a specialized technician to solve their consultations, all this with the greater rapidity of answer:
Technical support 24horas/7dias via system of tickets or email.
Commitment of resolution of urgent technical incidences.
Data base de with manuals, resolution of other problems and 100% online.

Why to choose to us?

Our Equipment

Williams CEO Fundador

Ingenierio de Sistemas, developer, analyst, programmer.

Felix Manager

Administrator, adviser, and specialist in investigation.

Yovana Manager and Sales

Invoicing, marketing, data base, and sales.

Alex Programador

Graphical designer, photographs, iconography and animations.

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